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Welcome to The Koffee Works

The most exciting cafe and bakery in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. We serve delicious coffees, authentic South Indian filter coffees, amazing cold coffees and frappes, along with seasonal mocktails that lift you up.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 Shop no 15, Sunder CHS Ltd, Sion Trombay Road,, Opp Diamond Garden, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071 022 2774 4040

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Koffee Culture

“Koffee is always the most important meal of my day!”

Koffeeee… Ahhhhh… The aroma makes me want to have another cup. Growing up in a family where literally koffee is the most important meal for everybody I ought to have gained the love for koffee. The sound of koffee being tossed between two cups to get the right amount of froth, the aroma of freshly ground koffee from my hometown Chikmagalur, the voices of my family members asking for a cup of koffee, koffee has been a part of our culture. I come from a big Indian family where my first circle alone comprises of over 50 people. So making one round of koffee for all of us is literally like a celebration! Koffee for the world is just a beverage, but for my family it has been a way of living.

I am the 13th generation in my family who is in the koffee business!! I know that sounds damn cool and you know what’s even cooler that my family was the first “Indian Family” to have owned a koffee estate, when all the koffee plantations in India were owned by the British cultivators! How much ever cool it sounds, it is also a humongous responsibility on my shoulders to carry forward the heritage. We have been koffee estate owners through the years but for the first time we will be serving koffee grown in our estates to our customers at our very own cafes.


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