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Welcome to The Koffee Works

The most exciting cafe and bakery in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. We serve delicious coffees, authentic South Indian filter coffees, amazing cold coffees and frappes, along with seasonal mocktails that lift you up.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 Shop no 15, Sunder CHS Ltd, Sion Trombay Road,, Opp Diamond Garden, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071 022 2774 4040

The Koffee Works Story

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“Koffee that AWAKENS you… Koffee that breathes an air of FRESHNESS in your soul and leaves you happy, fulfilled, touched and satisfied… Koffee, that Works for you!”

The Koffee Works presents to you the freshest, smoothest and tastiest top-class supreme filter koffee, south-Indian style. We use only the best koffee beans, handpicked straight from the farms and roasted at just the right temperature, to create premium koffee that leads to an AWAKENING of your senses. Feel the aroma of our freshest koffee beans from the south of India awaken you… Feel the taste of our premium south Indian filter koffee romance your taste buds, giving you an experience like never before, leaving you longing for more.

Whether it is the koffee that banishes the Monday morning blues, or the midday koffee, that rejuvenates your work-day, or the koffee date that rekindles romance, we are here to make every koffee experience a special one for you. Our koffee will seamlessly ‘belong to’ your daily routine. The taste of our FRESHLY grounded koffee is here to tickle your taste buds. Live the koffee experience like never before. Arise and AWAKE! Stop not till you’ve had that first cup of koffee! Let the koffee flow in your blood, tickle your senses and freshen you up. Order the ultra-premium fresh koffee NOW and feel the taste of good ol’South Indian koffee – taking you to a stairway to heaven!

The first segment of Kafé’s that ‘the Koffee Works’ presents to its customers is the Koffee station. Koffee as a culture is fast growing worldwide, and as usual India will not fall behind in this race too. To fulfil this need for pure, fresh koffee that will awaken your senses, The Koffee Works, with pedigree and heritage, with contemporary taste and modern technology, introduces Koffee Station, which is koffee for all.

Experience a bold new look to a Kafé, with pleasant chic ambience, an aroma of pure south Indian filter koffee dancing around the station, the music of koffee swirling between cups, amiable service from our team, top-class machinery from the world over… a place for all and more is what Koffee Station is about.

Our Vision is to make Our Koffee work for the world!

Our Logo depicts Our Brand. The 13 petals of the lotus signify the 13 generations of the family who have dedicated worked towards bringing the best coffee. The beans and the stain leave an everlasting impression of the best Koffee that one has had at The Koffee Works.

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